is a crowdfunding portal built for private funds and broker / dealers who want to take advantage of new crowdfunding regulations.

As with traditional crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter, fund managers use to create campaigns (we call them “offerings”) that explain the investment opportunity that they’re attempting to raise money for. Unlike Kickstarter, people contributing money to these businesses are investing instead of donating. But is much more than "Kickstarter for finance" - you can think of it more like a small private market for investing in early stage companies and small businesses. facilitates compliance and allows for electronic signatures of investment agreements, which allows support for equity and debt based offerings. For debt-based offerings, businesses will use our software to make periodic payments directly into investor accounts.

Private funds also have the ability to offer investors a diversified investment product, similar to an exchange traded fund (ETF).

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The Team is (from left to right) Leif Shackelford, Marcus Estes, Adam Wong, and K. Mike Merrill