A token exchange for regulated markets

Chroma is a new kind of marketplace for local and impact investing. Our open source technology helps businesses, loan funds, charitable foundations, and investors join together in the future of impact investment.

    How we can help

  • Launch investment crowdfunding campaigns
  • Comply with state and federal crowdfunding rules (Regulation D, Regulation CF, and Regulation A+)
  • Accept payments via ACH
  • Collect investor data (KYC), including income and net-worth verification
  • Automate your distribution payments to investors
  • Create messaging channels that connect you with your investors

By creating an open protocol financial investments and a user-friendly web application to guide non-technical users through the process, Chroma has created a marketplace that doesn’t rely on Wall Street systems to operate. Chroma.fund helps a new generation of investors who wish to support their local economies.

Join us in our mission to build the first real peer-to-peer financial market for community investment.