A token exchange for regulated markets

Chroma.fund is a web application that helps US-based organizations conduct ERC-20 token sales and self-host secondary markets for their investors.

We also help them remain compliant with SEC regulations, which is necessary to market the offering to US-based investors.

  • Mint ERC-20 tokens and author business logic in Solidity
  • Accept US dollars and Ether
  • Offer investors a trading platform that compiles with US-based securities exchange regulation

By creating an open protocol for trade automation and a user-friendly web application to guide non-technical users through the process, Chroma has created a marketplace that doesn’t rely on Wall Street systems to operate. Chroma.fund helps a new generation of investors who wish to support the new decentralized economy.

Join us in our mission to build the first real peer-to-peer financial market.

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